Welcome to 575designs. 

  • Simple web design
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Integration

I can help with low cost, simple websites, utilizing free and subscription based WordPress hosting, or  paid subscription shopping sites on Shopify, as well as domain hosting setup and email. I also offer e-mail marketing and newsletters, customized to meet client needs.

Additionally I am TestOut PC Pro Certified and have basic Help Desk training.  So I can help with minor Windows issues, small network setups including cabling and jack installation, as well as wi-fi configuration.

What sets 575designs apart is that I create the foundation and put the designs in place.  Then I teach clients how to update, run and maintain these simple to use platforms on their own.  This way the costs are kept low and the clients are empowered to control their own web presence.   I still provide on call help as needed, so you are never on your own.   Not interested in hands on managing your site?  Not a problem either, I also offer site management and maintenance services as well.

575designs also offers customized newsletters and email marketing.  Reach customers, members, neighbors, or other groups interested in your business, organization, or products.  Customizable newsletters, and marketing campaigns for any size customer or mailing list.

Additional Services Available:

  • Help Desk Services
  • Home or Small Business Network Setup
  • Network Cable Installation
  • Wi-fi Configuration

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